Forced Survivalism

Over the last four months, the government has put the people through any number of lockdowns, business closings, social distancing, mask-wearing, and self-quarantine.

The country is again divided much like politically into three basic camps. 

  •  one third of the country believes in the pandemic and is following the rules precisely even if those rules change constantly
  • one third of the country believe see coronavirus is a hoax and will do everything they can to resist the government edicts
  •  and the middle third is it going to quietly restructure their lives so they will never again be caught short and be forced to restrict their lives at the command of their overlords


Governors of different states have been closing businesses and churches with few people resisting. 

Governors and Mayors have been restricting the size of funerals and some other gatherings of 10 people. How can this be?

What is it about freedom of assembly and freedom of speech that politicians believe they can override even without a legislature passing some kind of law, not that it would matter with Constitutional guarantees.

But enough politics.

This website is about many things. It's about being prepared for any future lockdowns and quarantines that will come our way in the next few months. It's about getting your affairs in order legally and financially so that you can move to the best place in the world to protect your family. It's about not only surviving but thriving in what's going to become an ugly world order.

I am embarking on a journey to return to a life of a Perpetual Traveler that I have not done for 40 years.

Your goal may be different. It may be to protect your home and your family in the place you live now. It really doesn't matter. What you need to do first is to determine where you're at, where you want to be, and what outside forces either natural or man-made could interfere with your plans.

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Counter-intuitively, once you determine your current situation, you may want to start by following stoic philosopher Seneca by practicing poverty. Once a month, Seneca would eat course foods, put on bad clothes, and live among the unwashed.

And we'll get into those details later.

What we basically need to do to prepare ourselves should we have to become a survivalist is to get rid of all possessions that do not contribute to our lives, purchase or assemble items that are necessary in any circumstance, and be prepared to bug out on a moment's notice.

I plan to share my journey. I hope you will share yours with me.

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It is not always the person who has put aside the most extensive cache of supplies who survives but the person who is adaptable and willing to pay attention to how survival can be accomplished.

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