About Wise Survivalist

The Wise Survivalist must now determine where they stand on the continuum from prepper to survivalist and what they must do to not just survive but thrive.

What you must do to protect yourself and your family if you are to determine where you now stand on the continuum from prepper to survivalist, and what you must do in the coming months to not just survive but thrive.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum from left to right, you can be sure of more unrest, lockdowns, and economic turmoil is on the horizon.

The Wise Survivalist was a site I never expected to create.

I have been working on and writing a number of blogs for IBMs.* These are my people. These are the introverts who were born during the baby boom generation who have been running the country for the last decade or so.

Introvert Boomer Males.

At age 67, I've been through much of the unrest, protest, riots, and violence that the country is experiencing today.

The difference is, we believe we had a good reason for it. 

But this website is about individuals, not politics.

It doesn't matter if the right-wing hangs onto power in our country, or if the far-left burns it down. What matters is how we are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Because we have lived through a very prosperous time in human history, we really have no idea as to how fragile prosperity can be. Just look at Venezuela.

Before electing a communist government, Venezuela was the richest country in South America for many decades. From prosperity, they have gone to scavenging for the smallest bits of food and leaving the country just to get a meal.

As Americans, we don't believe this will happen to us. we are just too smart, too good, and downright chosen by God to live like kings.

Hubris is a b****.

As sovereign individuals, we owe it to ourselves and our families to never be caught in a lockdown again.

Each of us can take the steps necessary to make sure that we have prepared for any disaster, including those that are man-made.

It starts with prepping.

One needs to have about two weeks worth of food and water at home just as a basic precaution. As a resident of Florida, this is something we go through almost every summer when hurricanes appear off the coast.

But real prepping is more than buying Pop-Tarts and bottled water.

Prepping is also about having a bug out bag for each member of your family should the s*** hit the fan. It's about having a side hustle both online and offline that you can use to support yourself and your family anywhere in the world.

It's about having all your documents in order so that you can leave the country on a moment's notice. As we have seen during the lockdown, countries can and have restricted the rights of their citizens to travel. sometimes we prevent certain foreigners from entering our country, and other countries prevent us from entering.

What we are becoming is forced preppers. When governments around the world restrict access to stores and businesses, you must have enough goods on hand so that you don't have to fight with the mob to get a roll of toilet paper.

What you also don't want to do, is to have so much that you are stuck in one location and can't get away to protect yourself.

 Of course, a go bag can only give you enough food to survive for a few days. But that's better than what most people have on hand.

From prepper to survivalist are not fixed points, but a part of a spectrum.

Once you put on your go bag and leave your residence, you have become a survivalist.

But everything on the spectrum is flexible. For example, you may be an urban survivalist able to forage among the streets of the city. In the extreme cases, you're able to hunt and fish and live off the grid for as long as necessary to survive.

With the number of people living in this country today, very few would be able to become extreme survivalists. It's dangerous, and it's difficult.

But that doesn't mean you should not be prepared to leave your home or even your country in the best interests of your family.

Like most Americans, I was caught by surprise by the lockdowns.

What I would not let happen is to be caught by surprise again, or for my daughter to be caught by surprise.

Over the course of the next year, the wise survivalist will take you through my journey to prepare for the worst the world has to offer.

I will find out in tests what I think are the best survival gear, have my affairs in order, and be ready to leave on a moment's notice. My personal desire is to travel the world and keep moving, and really not have a fixed location where government action can have the worst effect on you. And not just the US government, but any government.

One of the secrets of living free is becoming a Perpetual Traveler.

Now that's just my personal vision. You need to make your own.

What I would like to do right now is to invite anyone who might be making this journey from prepper to survivalist along with me to contribute to this site. I welcome your comments.

~ Chaz