Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

Huge failure that I've had over the last three to five years is failing to turn a crisis into opportunity.

Long before the government imposed lockdowns due to the coronavirus, I've been trapped in Jacksonville as an unwilling, terrible home health care worker.

There are just some things that a 67 year old son should never see of their 92 year old mother.

I'm not sure of all the things that got us to where we are. No one wanted this to happen, but it has. Dealing with reality is not a great trait of most human beings.

I am stuck more than 20 hours a day at the house.

I do take an opportunity each day to go out and visit Panera Bread for about two to three hours of coffee and work. As it turns out, Panera Bread is my favorite office.

I can't say enough about how good the people are there, and how friendly and well they treat me.

In the past, many men and women have dealt with the effects of real plagues, not this weak coronavirus case.

I think specifically about Isaac Newton:

“COVID-19 didn’t send Isaac Newton into quarantine, but the Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as the Black Death, did. While in isolation for some two years, this man of God and brilliant scientist made some of the most important discoveries known to mankind. Not one to let the threat of a deadly disease or the disruption it caused in his life to get him down, Newton’s use of the quiet months still benefits us today.”


Can you imagine how Americans would react in 2020 to the sight of people oozing pus and blood and dying in the streets?

But what I am doing now is taking a lesson from Isaac Newton, and turning this home lockdown into a new opportunity to build up my blogs and to write books.

Within the next year, I plan to have at least a reasonable ongoing income from my various internet properties.

My longer-term vision for my life after about 5 years if you have enough income recurring online to be able to travel the world at will looking for the perfect woman.

My only fear is that my health won't be able to hold up to the strain.

We have been living well for a number of decades. That darkness I used to exist on the other side of the tracks has now shifted to our neighborhoods.

The problems of a stalled economy and a certain poverty of spirit have suddenly become everyone's problem.

Hardship is not something new.

This is not some tragedy that is only affecting you.

While we have not had to deal with it as often as most people around the world, hardship and poverty is a timeless fact of human existence.

This has been happening to people for thousands and thousands of years. The only difference is that this was not evenly distributed among all individuals.

If Isaac Newton could take the opportunity provided during the Bubonic plague outbreak, to invent calculus, I think I can come up with a good idea for writing some books.

One thing I have to use this opportunity for is master different areas of online marketing so that I can make a full-time income online and have the skills available to teach others as I travel around the world.

What I am working on is mastering three items: making money with a traditional website using solo build it, YouTube marketing, and writing short ebooks for distribution on Amazon Kindle.

Now all of these three items work together. Focusing on one helps the other two. The main place to start is by creating thousands and thousands of words of original content that can be published on many of my blogs.

Even though we've been dealing with this lockdown and other restricted activities do to the Coronavirus, we have to look for those little opportunities to assert our individuality and freedom, and to prepare for the next time government officials decide we are too stupid act in their own best interest.

You cannot control a crisis, but you can control how you respond to it.

During an interview, the rapper 50 Cents was asked about the crisis. He said something like, “You know, where I’m from, it’s always been a recession.”

Because of the virus crisis, people who are looking back to the distant past to see how the stoics would have handled this situation.

Marcus Aurelius strove to do everything you could for other people. He didn't allow his position as the most powerful man in the world to blind him to the fact that other people had it much worse.

When people were told to stay at home and distance themselves from friends and family, we all got a big Taste of hell interconnected and interdependent.

And schools have opened up in some places over the past month, many parents are getting to breathe a sigh of relief. In places where they are doing digital, virtual classes, the problems will continue.

It turns out that many of us I've lost sight of Supply chains and how they help us survive.

If the warehouses and the packing plants are shut down because of the virus, farmers are stuck with crops they can't send to market and animals that have to be fed or destroyed.

On top of that, if a trucker can't pick up the processed foods from the warehouses, and shelves on the stores  like Walmart look surprisingly bare from day-to-day.

Even though some people did some initial hoarding, I find it strange that you can't get the brand of paper towels or toilet paper that you like except by hunting for it day by day and store by store.

I don't blame people for hoarding.

With a presidential election coming up, Americans are stocking up on guns and ammunition. Politicians have failed them.

When a government intentionally destroys its own economy, it can't be trusted to do anything else right.

Over the past 6 months, about 60 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Of those, at least 20 million of those jobs, and maybe as many as 30 million, are not coming back.

Now when a restaurant closes in New York City, it puts a lot of people out of work.

The people are affected or everyone from the people who deliver groceries to the restaurant, wait staff, Cooks, dishwashers, and even the owners with kids in college.

Restaurants are not going to go away in New York City in the long run. What is going to happen is that these particular businesses are going to be crushed and people are going to lose a lot of money. Employees in this restaurant are not going to be able to pay rent, and the owners of these restaurants are going to declare bankruptcy.

Already, about 30% of the residences in the US and retail business establishments failed to pay for rent last month.

It's only going to get worse.

What's the answer?

One thing that may come about is that the lockdown gives the average worker a wake-up call. Even workers I know who have been called back are now working fewer hours and they did before the virus.

What each individual in America needs to do for themselves is to protect their own incomes and the livelihoods of their families by creating a side hustle or other business that can provide money in the future no matter What the government does.