Back in March 2020, the entire country was being asked to just stay home and self quarantine.

According to the CDC, isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to other people who may have the Coronavirus. Isolation supposedly separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.

We know better now.

Families are not able to isolate individually. So if one person in the family has been exposed to the virus, it becomes very easy to transmit that exposure to other members of the family.

It was even worse in nursing homes. In New York, the governor even transferred people who were old who had the disease into a nursing home to free up hospital space.

Many more people died as a result. What better way to spread the virus among the most vulnerable people than to keep a bunch of elderly in a nursing home and let the medical staff pass the disease around.

Quarantine can separate people and restrict their movements. That's for sure. but unless you do like India and beat poor people for going outside trying to find food, all quarantine is going to be limited.

Quarantine goes way beyond just people staying home and hiding from the world. In our modern world, you have to go to the grocery store, you have to go to the gas station, and you basically just have to go and sit on the beach and look at the waves crash on the shore.

What we have had is social distancing and the wearing a mask and the canceling of all the events which make living among other people enjoyable.

Of course, nothing that we are ordered to do like self quarantine is without a price.

Families are at each other's throats. Children are bored and not learning anything through online learning. Husbands and wives are contemplating divorce when these lockdowns are over. Suicides are up. And happiness is down.

Wearing masks and staying six feet apart from other humans might be okay voluntary in a monastery, but it's no way for social beings to live.

The quarantines are mostly gone except for people testing positive for the virus. My nephew lives in my house along with my mother, and he has been exposed and tested twice in the past 2 weeks.

Both tests came out negative, but he is a waiter in a major restaurant chain. He's lucky to be back at work, but four or five of the employees were exposed at the same time. Now the restaurant is at half staff, and he is staying home for 2 more weeks.

Because my mother is 92 and we have to take care of her, we end up wearing masks a lot more than we used to. My belief is at the wearing of masks is just so much b*******.

Over the past four months, the medical experts have been telling us all that masks work, or that masks don't work or just wear them anyway

I basically only wear the mask when I go out to a store where I'm required to have a mask on or I can't go in. That does make it a choice. I can choose not to go into that particular business or not.

Actually, let me take that back. For every business open to the public at this time in Florida, masks are required.